Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring burlap flower pot

I love spring and all the fresh green that it brings. Such an inspiring time of year. Don't you just want to open all your windows and let the sunlight saturated, spring rain sprinkled, full of new life air flood in your home! It makes me smile. For no money on this planet I would give up spring!

I got these for a dollar each and thought it would make a nice springy center piece for my dining table. I got a tulip, a hyacinth and a daffodil. The hope is that they will be not only still alive but also blooming right on the Easter Day.

The thing is- I love everything about them except the cheap looking black, plastic pots. So what is there else to do but make them look more my-style !

First thing I did, was, I looked for little square containers I could use as saucers, but I didn't have any. So I just wrapped the plastic shopping bag around the pot ( two bags on each pot), taped it loosely with scotch tape ( loosely, so it could still breath and not rot, when watered) and cut the excess off, creating a little water catcher.

Then I gathered some burlap scraps I already had on hand, glue gun, thread and needle and scissors.

I wrapped the darker burlap around the pot and created two different kinds of flowers out of the white one. Simply secured everything together with glue gun and it was done. I also cut a rectangle piece out of the white burlap and fringed it a little to make a matching runner. Unbelievable easy.

The end result!!!!
The total cost of the project : 3 plants -$3.00
burlap - about $0.50

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